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There is endless richness in human culture, in human stories.

El Tunjo: not only was it the name given to copper and gold alloy pieces (which Spanish mistook for pure gold due to the great skill of the indigenous goldsmiths), but it is also a legend of a mystical being who wandered through lonely places, looking for someone to feed him in exchange for a lifetime reward. This legend that was born during the time of the Spanish conquest, is part of the thousands of stories of this magical land.

Legends such as this one are found in each and every corner. In this territory, divided by extensive mountain ranges (The Andean Mountain range), surrounded to the north by the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean to the west, sheltered by the dense Amazon jungle to the southwest, is where one of the richest natural environments in the world is found. The diversity of our country is not only in its geography or its stories, but also in its culture, in its people, in its landscapes and in the variety of products that can be offered to the world.

Colombia is a country that, like many countries in Latin America, bases its economy on the exploitation of oil and its derivatives. It is not surprising that today almost 60% of the country's level of exports so far in 2022, is due to fuel operations and extractive industry products, and only 20% goes to agricultural products, food and beverages. Over a 90% of the country’s land is of rural area and according to data from the World Bank, by 2021 only 18% of the population in Colombia lived in rural areas.

The constant changes in world dynamics, the need to seek clean and self-sustaining economies, make us rethink the use and role of technology in the future. We have the responsibility to provide the link between the products that we consume on a daily basis, and to provide the tools that allow the tracking of the origins of the products. Like the Tunjo, waiting to be found in order to reward its custodian, we want those who find the symbol in any corner of the world to be able to connect with the stories of the people who produce it and feel the peace of mind of knowing its traceability of where it all started.



  • Culture is true richness
  • People are what we root for
  • We connect stories, Team up with us!

  • Pruning biases is possible only when information is available
  • We as consumers, are entitled to know, and have the right to make well-informed decisions

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