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Being Transparent is Talking clearly

T stands for All



If there is a single language we all humans speak, that one is Trust.

Actually, T stands for Tunjo. But it stands for "All", too (At least in Spanish, where All is Todos and Todo) and is the real reason behind the whole name of Tunjo. We were born in a small town close to the Capital city of Colombia. The name of such town is Tenza and clearly, such a name has inspired us to choose a meaning for the brand.

A Tunjo is a little piece of gold, that used to be shaped by the Muisca indigenous people who inhabited Colombia before the arrival of Spanish conquerors to America in 1492. These pieces used to have a ceremonial purpose and said to represent people, either for religious or funerary events, but always related with the sacred.

Nowadays, 2022, we have thousands of sacred ceremonies with ourselves and others, many of them happening through virtual rites, behind crystal screens. We haven't stopped building relationships with each other, but we have started to face difficulties never seen before this century.

Too many ways to be deceived, too many ways to be told a short truth, a plain lie, a misleading fact. So much Data around and we are less informed than ever. Even those labels that were created to help us identify what is right and wrong, are so many and so easy to counterfeit, that authenticity is not a value anymore. Not an easy one to find, at least.

How can we, how could we have a voice in this? How can we possibly have a chance to correct or fix the situation? Technology.

This same technology that is meant to do so much good and has been used to numb our ability to trust, that one can be democratized to remove the middleman from transactions, from certifications, from our chance to know each other with as little intermediaries as possible.

Blockchain emerged in the last two decades as a possibility to decentralize transactions and with that, to decentralize interactions.

We may not trust this technology more than we trust our peers, but we may trust it to be stable, scalable, replicable and virtually incorruptible by classical means. Data, available to be protected, distributed and consumed when and where it needs to be.

Data, empowering users and consumers to make sure they are not being deceived, they are being treated respectfully, having complete clarity and visibility over a Supply Chain that must be no longer a black box.

Technology supporting real people decisions on a everyday life.



  • Technology is an enabler, not a menace
  • Collaborating instead of brutally competing is the only way next
  • Understanding Data is way more important than having Data

  • Pruning biases is possible only when information is available
  • We as consumers, are entitled to know, and have the right to make well-informed decisions

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Tackling the Food Supply Chain end-to-end

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Field monitoring, LORA Networks, IoT, Real-time analytics.

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BlockChain Powered

Secure, reliable, scalable, resilient platform.

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