Site Intelligence

We design, assist and develop low-scale monitoring infrastructure on-field, secure configuration of device networks, and analytics capabilities on captured data

Streaming Services

From Data Modelling to Multi-cloud enablement for raw, staging and preprocessed data consumption, we design, develop and support the architecture for both structured and semi-structured data points in streaming and micro-batch

Harnessing the power of the two biggest public clouds, we enable the business with visibility and timely data for decision making

Blockchain Services

Secure, reliable transactions performed in the biggest public-permissioned network in Latin America, allow first-class encryption and problem resolution, with a guaranteed uptime and redundance, providing federated, resilient infrastructure that supports your business

Data Platforms

The greatest power of The Tunjo is bringing data to people. QR-powered encoding allows data transmision for POS validation, giving your end consumer the ease of mind to trust your brand. As simple as scanning, as easy as believing. That is the power of Tech-enabled Trust

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